On Saturday, June 1st 2019 we will be hosting our second annual charity event at CrossFit Reform in support of Integrated Recovery Foundation.  Their treatment program helps veterans and first responders, and is founded by fellow Reformer Dr. Ron Gellis.


What is MST?
Research reveals that 25% of all women who serve in the military have been sexually assaulted. 80% refuse to disclose the assault for fear of retaliation. Equally shocking, an equal number of male veterans report being sexually assaulted while serving as well! There is no event that derails a healthy path in life more than sexual assault. Integrated Recovery addresses these challenges with a gender specific program designed for the sexually assaulted.


About IRF
Integrated Recovery Foundation is a purpose driven integrated treatment program for veterans and first responders for the treatment of Substance Abuse, Co-occurring Disorders and Trauma, including Military Sexual Trauma (MST) for women and men. Their treatment programs ensure that clients receive support and tools for healthy living physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


The Fundraiser
In support of our veterans and first responders, we will be performing a Hero WOD in our regular class schedule on Saturday, June 1st. This will be the final WOD of our annual Hero Week.


Representatives from the foundation will be on site to collect donations for anyone that would like to support, or you can donate using your mobile device by texting the code REFORM to (619) 870-1680.


Spread the word to anyone that would like to come out. The workout will be for all levels and there will be partner and modified versions for everyone participating. Class times are 7:00 AM, 8:15 AM, and 9:30 AM. Please RSVP below.





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