Barbell Club

As many of you have seen, our members have been having an awesome time and great success with our Barbell Club. Participants have made huge improvements on their olympic lifting during our 6-week courses over the past year. For 2019, we want to make Barbell Club even better. Starting in 2019 we will have Barbell Club running all year round!




On January 8th, we will kick off our new Barbell Club cycle. Throughout the year there will be two 6-week cycles (12 weeks) followed by one rest week. The great thing about this format is we can progress our technique by focusing on specific skills each cycle. This focus leads to better results and more fun!


In addition to our weekly sessions we will have a 2-hour workshop the last Saturday of each 6-week cycle. We’re really excited about this addition because we can get together and play with all the fun parts of weightlifting.




The cost of each 6-week cycle will be $135 and current Barbell Club participants will have priority registration. Not only is this a great way for members to keep consistent training in weightlifting, it allows new members to start at the beginning of each cycle for the best value. Consistency is essential to weightlifting since it is such a high skill discipline.


Who is this for?

  • Members with at least 6 months of CrossFit experience
  • Members according to the coach’s recommendation
  • Members who have previously attended Barbell Club


What do we cover?

  • We will focus on the development and improvement of the snatch and clean & jerk along with supplemental strength and accessory work. We will show you how to improve your weightlifting technique and how to apply it to a CrossFit class.


Where do we meet?

  • CrossFit Reform


When do we meet?

  • Tuesday/Thursday @ 5:00 p.m. for 60-75 min sessions
  • First session begins Tuesday, January 8th.


To sign up email Corey at


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