Programming Focus and Upcoming Event

The past month we spent time focusing on developing basic strength and played with odd objects in our workouts. It was a refreshing break after the Open and we had a lot of great feedback on the programming. Going forward, you can expect to see a continuation of the Basic Strength days at the end of classes as an optional buy-out. We highly recommend doing these because it’ll significantly help with strength, mobility, and most importantly safety. Our odd object days were a blast and you can expect to see more periodically as well.


Going forward, in the upcoming weeks we will focus on….drumroll…..weightlifting!




Yes! Expect to see skills and lifts related to olympic weightlifting in the normal CrossFit programming. We will still have our CrossFit programming but with a little more emphasis on improving the snatch as well as the clean & jerk. Some days it will be dedicated strength sessions. Others may be skills or implemented into a CrossFit workout. We encourage you to treat these days a chance to really improve on the lifts.


You may ask, “why focus on olympic lifting right now?.” It just so happens that we will be having our first ever in-house weightlifting meet on June 29th! This meet will be inclusive to all levels and a blast! Don’t worry about breaking out the singlet because we will be hosting a more informal event compared to a traditional weightlifting meet. There will be more details to come in a future blog post. The great thing about this event is that you will be able to test and showcase the skills that we will be focusing on in the upcoming weeks.

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