2023 Intramural Open

The CrossFit Open is almost here again, and we’re ready for fun in the community!  


What is the Open?

Every year CrossFit puts on a worldwide competition for the masses. They post one workout per week and registrants submit scores to an online leaderboard. Submitting these scores shows where you rank worldwide among different categories. 


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What is the Intramural Open?

The Intramural Open is our way to have a great time in the community during the Open. We divide the gym into 3 teams, and we help get members on teams. Each team has a designated team captain and co-captain, with the main focus and objective of having fun. Participants can help get points for their teams, and the team with the most points goes down in history, and has their legacy live on via an awesome banner at the gym. 



How are the teams sorted?

The teams are predominantly sorted by when members usually attend classes. We have an “Early Morning” Team, a “Mid Morning” Team, and an “Evening” Team. You can add yourself to a team on the board at the gym. Those that attend all different class times we will help get on a team to even them all out. 


How do we get points? 

Points can be accumulated in 3 ways, and the more you get, the more you help your team:

  • Performing the workout Friday in any class time (2/17, 2/24, 3/3)
  • Registering for the Open – HERE
  • Completing Weekly Challenges (TBA)



What other fun do we have in store?

The Open workouts will be performed in all class times on Fridays (2/17, 2/24, 3/3). Evening class times we will have our “Friday Night Lights” where we will perform the workout in heat times similar to a competition. 


Each week we will have an Intramural Recap Show covering the workout, shoutouts, point updates and other fun details from the week prior. 


Our Intramural Open is such a fun time in our community. Plan to join in and enjoy it with the others you regularly workout with!


You can signup for the CrossFit Open HERE. 

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