A Place of Unity

CrossFit Reform denounces the recent actions of former CrossFit HQ CEO Greg Glassman. His words were tone deaf, inappropriate, insensitive to struggles in our society today. We in no way agree with his words or actions. Thankfully Greg Glassman has no involvement in or influence on our business, or how we do anything.  


We are happy to see a new CEO has been appointed, and will watch for further change and improvement from CFHQ. 


The Reform community has, is, and always will be a place of inclusion and unity. We proudly welcome all races, religions, genders, identities, and sexual orientations. Part of what makes our community so amazing is our diversity and uniqueness, letting us learn from each other and come together as one. 


Our society is facing a challenging time and there are inherent issues needing focus and reform. We do not know the answers, but will utilize our resources and connections from within to listen, learn, and find ways to move our world forward for the better. One thing we have learned over the years is when good people come together amazing things happen.


We look forward to developing initiatives and partnerships over the coming months and years to promote equality inside and outside our community. We will continue to be a beacon of positivity, inclusivity, and unity in the south county area and beyond 😊.

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