Shed & Shred Challenge

Many of us have been stuck at home and struggling with accountability lately, and we’re here to help you get back on track! It is time for our 6th annual Shed & Shred Challenge. 


Nutrition is the base of the pyramid for optimal health and performance, and without the right focus, can lead in the wrong direction.


Who is this for?

This challenge is highly recommended for ANYONE needing focus and accountability with nutrition. We encourage grabbing your friends and family to join; you do NOT need to be a member to participate. 


What is it?

A 6-week nutrition challenge focusing on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, involving:

  • 2 body composition tests (typically $60+ each)
  • Accountability point system
  • Weekly focuses
  • Online support group
  • Mid-challenge virtual meet-up with a coach


How does it work?

We will be testing our body fat percentages through our InBody on-site. The InBody composition analyzer is the most accurate, precise, and convenient method to measure body fat and muscle mass. This way you can see the organic change in your body, and not rely on the confusion of the scale.


Important dates:

  • Virtual “Kick-off” Lecture/Info – Sat 6/20 10:45am via Zoom (CLICK HERE TO RESERVE)
  • 1st Body Fat Test – Thu 6/18 through Tue 6/23
  • 2nd Body Fat Test – Thu 7/30 through Tue 8/4 


Be sure to schedule testing between allotted dates:

Click Here to schedule your “Body Composition Test & Analysis”

Click Here to schedule your “Mid-Challenge Virtual Meet-Up”. 


*Contact us if you need help scheduling. 

*Spread the word to any family or friends that would like to join you!


How much does it cost?

$119 covers both tests, entry, and participation to challenge.



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