Social Interaction

Whether you like it or not, our social abilities are changing.


Our regular ways involved embracing or shaking a hand, being close together, and a feeling of comfort. Now we are greeting awkwardly, trying to gauge how far 6 feet is, and battling fear in the back of our minds.


Even before this pandemic, our social skills were creeping in the wrong direction. Screens, texting, and advancing technology have changed how we interact with each other. While some of these may make us more productive and adjust to the times, they are also altering our ability to connect. You can’t feel a hug through a text.


Most people think my college degree is in Exercise Physiology or Kinesiology, but it’s actually Sociology, and it has always fascinated me. We are in the middle of a sociological study right now, and many questions need to be answered. How long will this last? What long term effects will this have? When will we be back to normal?


While some of these questions we can’t answer, there are ways we can push back right now, and we NEED to.


Our minds and bodies need a social outlet just as much as we need a physical one. While we currently cannot gather like we are used to, it does not mean we cannot still involve, engage, and interact with each other.


Our solution for these different times has been to add multiple Social Events into our calendar. While we have virtual classes and 1-on-1 sessions, we have also decided to be our community’s hub for social interaction.


Other than fitness, we have adapted our weekly schedule to add a morning Coffee Crew, evening Happy Hour, and weekend Trivia Night. We’re working on some other fun ideas as well blush.


If you want to join in, they’re all a great time, and we’d love to have you. Just email us ( and we’ll get you the info you need. There’s nothing like having something to look forward to.


Regardless of how it might be done, we all need to interact and connect, and this will never change. In a time where we may be farthest apart, we can actually be closer than ever!

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