Detox December

The holidays are always a challenging time to stay on track, with endless distractions, gatherings, and decadent treats to pull us far away from ideal. 


Unfortunately the holidays last for months with these temptations surrounding us for way too long, making it more difficult to get back to a healthy routine. 


The reality is that we should be able to enjoy the holidays and keep ourselves from falling backwards. This is why we have created Detox December! 


What is it? 


Detox December is an accountability challenge to help you and another member stay focused during the holidays. We do not expect perfection, but just want an outside help to keep from consuming leftover pie for a week.  



How does it work? 


You will pick a partner and each decide what you need to “detox” or focus on as much as possible. You can each have a different focus. On a day, if either of you fall short of your focus, then you both owe 25 burpees. If both of you fall short, you both owe 50 burpees. 


Coach Zeus and I have been testing this out during November, and we both picked sugar (we clarified added sugar). One weekend Zeus was at a charity dinner and had a dessert, so we both did 25 burpees the next day. If I also ate a cookie that day, we would have owed 50 burpees each. 


For those that may be living under a rock, Coach Zeus has a sweet tooth and needs accountability to stay on track, especially with desserts. He used to have a big bowl of ice cream or milk and cookies every night before bed. For the last 3 weeks he has had added sugar on only 2 occasions, and has substituted his dessert for a much healthier and similarly satisfying option. This is a big win for him as he will keep this substitution after December. 


Remember, it’s not about being perfect, but it’s about focusing a little in the right areas to keep moving in the right direction. It’s important to enjoy the times we want to indulge, but not let it become a regular habit. 



How to participate? 


Detox December is free to participate, and we encourage everyone to join in, but please find a partner in the gym, and you can always add a spouse or friend from outside as well!


Step 1: Sign-up at the bottom of the PR board at the gym


Step 2: Pick an accountability partner and share contacts


Step 3: Pick something you want to focus on (ie. Sugar, Alcohol, Sleep, etc). Each partner can have a different one.  


Step 4: Communicate together and support each other. We are all much more likely to succeed if someone else is depending on us. 


Step 5: Do your burpees when either of you fall short of your focus.

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