COVID-19 and CrossFit Reform

The health and safety of our members and staff has, and always will be, our main priority. 


Since opening almost 7 years ago, cleanliness has always been a huge focus of ours. At least 3x a week we use an industrial floor scrubber as well as sanitize all areas of the gym. Below are some precautionary steps we have increased or implemented:

  • Increased use of industrial floor scrubber
  • Increased cleaning of restrooms and common areas
  • Larger orders of hand sanitizer, soap, paper towels and sanitary wipes so we are fully stocked (please don’t steal our TP 😆)
  • Mandatory wipe downs of all areas touched and used 
  • If certain classes become too full we may implement a forced check-in process prior to class to ensure necessary space and equipment
  • Encouraging all members and staff to stay home if sick
  • Asking that all members adhere to the CDC Travel Guidelines – if you have traveled to a Level 3 Zone you are required to quarantine for 14 days, and Level 2 and 1 to watch your health for 14 days
  • Altering workouts to eliminate sharing of equipment where necessary
  • Giving thumbs up in place of hi-5’s
  • Postponing Bring-A-Friend Days until further notice


We will remain open unless forced to close.


Regardless, starting Monday 3/16 we will be posting an at home version of our daily workouts with a quick tip video as well on our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram stories). Definitely use this to your advantage if you are not able to make it into the gym or need to stay at home. 


We will make the best of this and greatly encourage community participation, to make it fun and engaging. Stay focused on living a healthy lifestyle, which is one of the best ways to fight any sickness.


Small businesses 

I’m not going to lie, I am very concerned and scared for all small businesses, especially our local ones. Around the country right now small businesses are struggling, with some closing for good from impact felt. Please keep them in your thoughts right now and support them as much as possible.



If you have been significantly affected by this recent situation, please reach out to me and we will do all we can to help.  


Some of you may feel these measures may be excessive, but we would rather be safe than sorry until this passes. Please join us in our efforts to keep our local community safe, healthy and thriving. In challenging times (just like in challenging workouts) is when we truly come together. Let’s use this as a time to come together and support each other, like great communities do 😊.



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