Rethink Resolutions: #1 Way to Succeed in the New Year

The problem with New Year’s resolutions

With every new year, it’s natural to consider setting ambitious New Year’s resolutions. As great as it sounds, I encourage you to think twice. 

More often than not, these resolutions lead us towards failure rather than success.

Parkinson’s Law and resolutions

This tendency is largely due to something called Parkinson’s Law, which suggests that work expands to fill the time we allot for its completion.

A common example would be a school or work assignment that is given a week’s deadline. As much as we want to prioritize it, often it’s usually left until the day before to complete. 

This procrastination is Parkinson’s Law in effect, and it’s the same principle that often derails New Year’s resolutions. By giving a whole year to meet our goals, we’re essentially inviting procrastination and loss of focus.

This isn’t to say that you should give up on setting goals altogether. Rather, the secret lies in establishing smaller, more achievable objectives.

How to utilize Parkinson’s Law to kickstart your nutrition

This is why we put together our 5 week Nutrition Kickstart

Our focus is to establish the most important and impactful habits first, and continue to layer them on for best consistency and results. 

The 5 Week Nutrition Kickstart begins on January 22nd and includes:

  • Before & After Body Composition Scan and Analysis
  • Individualized Nutrition Prescription 
  • Habit Tracker Guide
  • Recipe Book
  • Weekly focuses and accountability 

If you need to get back on track from the holidays, struggle with keeping yourself accountable, or would benefit from a personalized plan, then our 5 week Nutrition Kickstart is perfect for you. It’s designed to combat Parkinson’s Law and start us on the path to success. 

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