Crush It During the Holidays: Embracing a Thriving Mindset

Happy holidays from CrossFit Reform! In today’s digital age, everyone’s searching for the secret sauce to a healthier, happier holiday. Whether you’re looking for “holiday fitness routines”, “best festive recipes”, or “ways to destress during the holidays”, remember this: It’s all about balance. Dive deep into the moments, cherish the memories, and prioritize well-being.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s easy to start to stress on how you’ll manage a healthy lifestyle with all the events, meals, parties, and the food and drink that comes with it. I want to talk about the balance between health and how we want to live our lives during this busy part of the year.

Let’s get one thing straight, your words? They’re like the rudder of a ship. They steer where you’re headed. Words craft your perspective. That perspective? It shapes your game plan. And your game plan? That’s what defines your entire journey.

Every year, when those festive bells start ringing, we’re hit with the same old narrative: “surviving the holidays”. Everywhere you look, there’s someone giving you the 101 on how to dodge those holiday parties, dodge Aunt Karen’s famous pie, and skate through a season packed with fun, laughter, and, yeah, a little indulgence.

But, let’s take a timeout here. Most of these “survival tips” center around what’s on our plate. Eat less of this, avoid that, and oh, if you did indulge, here’s how you can repent for that culinary “sin”. Sounds exhausting, right?

Why the heck are we framing this joyous season as some kind of endurance test? What’s the deal?

Let’s flip this narrative on its head!

Let’s Own the Holidays!

Bite into that festive dish that gets your taste buds dancing.

Fuel those killer workouts with the hearty meals you love.

And hey, after that big feast or epic party? Embrace that deep, restful sleep. You’ve earned it.

This holiday, let’s cherish the moments that truly count – the laughs with our loved ones, the joy of a meal cooked with love, the freedom of dancing like no one’s watching, and yeah, those perfect moments of just chilling out.

How about this holiday season, instead of just getting by, we elevate every moment?

Who’s with me? Let’s not just survive; let’s THRIVE!

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