2024 CrossFit Reform Intramural Open

The 2024 CrossFit Reform Intramural Open is here, and we’re excited for such a fun time in our community! 

What is the Open?

The Open serves as a global CrossFit competition, inviting participants from around the world to complete a series of workouts over several weeks. These workouts are announced weekly, and athletes submit their scores online, competing across various categories to see where they stand on a global scale.

Introducing the 2024 Intramural Open

Our unique take on the Open, the Intramural Open, is designed to amplify the fun and camaraderie within our community. The Open WODs are announced on Thursdays beginning 2/29. We will perform the workout all day Friday, as our class WOD and during our Friday Night Lights

We split our gym into three teams, with everyone in the gym participating. Each team is led by a team captain and some support crew, with the primary goal of maximizing enjoyment and team spirit. Points are scored through participation, performance, and special challenges, culminating in the winning team being celebrated with a commemorative banner in the gym.

What is Friday Night Lights? 

Friday Night Lights is a highlight of our Intramural Open. Each Friday starting on 3/1, instead of class times, we will perform the workout in heat times, adding some fun and challenge to each WOD. We encourage everyone in the gym to show up to participate or hang out during this fun community time. 

CrossFit Reform Intramural Open

Team Organization

Teams are primarily organized based on the members’ usual class attendance times, creating an “Early Morning,” “Mid Morning,” and “Evening” team. If you find yourself floating between times, don’t worry! We’ll make sure you’re placed on a team to keep the competition balanced and fair.

Earning Points

Points can be garnered in several ways, with each contributing to your team’s total:

– Participating in the Friday Open workout

– Officially registering for the Open

– Tackling Weekly Challenges, with details to be announced

What’s New in 2024

This year, we’re elevating the experience in our Friday Night Lights. Each team will host an event on a Friday, choosing their unique theme or style for the night. Creativity and spirit are key, as the best-hosted week will earn extra points towards the team’s total.

Stay Connected With Your Team

To foster team spirit and coordination, each group will have a private WhatsApp group. This will be your hub for all team communications, planning, and motivation throughout the Intramural Open.

Additional Fun

In addition to the challenging workouts on Friday, we’ll feature weekly challenges you can do throughout the week to earn points. And keep an eye out for our Intramural Recap Show, where we’ll cover the week’s highlights, shoutouts, and point standings.

Join us for the 2024 CrossFit Reform Intramural Open for a season filled with challenges, achievements, and the joy of shared effort. Let’s make this year the most memorable yet!

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