Why Level Method is a game changer for Reform

We are always looking at the best ways we can improve what we are doing, and how we can provide an even better experience. It is important to constantly evolve and evaluate how we can be better, the same way we encourage our members to.


We have watched the Level Method for years in the fitness industry, met with its founder and developer, spent multiple hours researching, interviewed multiple gyms, and truly believe it is a game changer in the CrossFit world.


We are excited to implement the Level Method, and confident it will be an amazing addition to the Reform community.










What is the Level Method?

The Level Method is a levels based system that measures your overall fitness level. It is a better way to objectively measure different areas of fitness and see your strengths and weaknesses.


The Level Method assesses across different types of movements and workouts. For example, a 1RM Front Squat for lower body strength or a workout of Double Unders (or JR) and Sit-ups for neurological/core endurance.


There are multiple categories/assessments, some examples being: Lower Body Push, Upper Body Pull, Lactic Tolerance, Rowing, Weightlifting, and Flexibility. From the very beginner to the extra advanced, there is a place for everyone. Once you have completed all categories, you will get an overall level.



Level Method Results


Why are we doing it? How will it benefit me?

We are very excited to implement it into what we are already doing because it will greatly enhance our member experience. It gives a clear depiction of where you are currently, helping in multiple different ways. It will help see how you are developing and improving, what areas will be important to focus on, and how to modify correctly on each day.  


Level Method is an efficient way for our coaches to recommend the best areas to reach your goals. CrossFit is unparalleled in its ability to improve lives when it is coached and progressed correctly. Level Method will help us deliver our service even better!


How will it be implemented?

The Level Method will not replace anything currently going on, but rather meshes perfectly with what we are already doing. Our programming will stay the same, and it will help you understand what level to perform and how to get the best training specifically for you, each day.


Every 4 months we will have designated “assessment days” and will work to gauge our levels, or see if we can improve. We will also have certain days where we will do a single assessment in our regular programming. For example, a 1RM Deadlift day would be a good chance to level up.  


How is this a game changer?

  • Accurate representation of current fitness level

  • Shows improvements in multiple areas

  • Visible path of where to improve & set goals

  • Clear communication and guidance from coaches

  • Meshes perfectly with what we are currently doing

  • Better understanding of “why” behind training

  • Ensures correct safety & development

  • Scientifically developed & tested

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