Intermittent Fasting Nutrition Challenge

Start 2021 off on the right foot and join in on our 6-week Intermittent Fasting Nutrition Challenge. 


What is it?

A 6-week Nutrition Challenge focused on fasting time periods and what specifically works best for you. 


Why Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting is one of the best ways to dial in your nutrition to burn unnecessary fat and feel better. 


Who is it for? 

Anyone needing to get their nutrition on track and/or interested in trying Intermittent Fasting. 


When is it? 

The challenge starts on Monday, January 25th and lasts for 6 weeks. There will be a challenge kickoff meeting on Saturday, January 23rd to cover everything and answer any questions. 


What is included?

  • Before and After Body Composition Tests
  • Challenge Facebook Group with content & communication
  • Step-by-step professional guidance from Nutrition Coach
  • Group accountability and support 


What is the cost?



How do I sign-up?

You can sign up by clicking the link below, or letting a coach know.



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