I’ll just wait until the new year

“I’ll just wait until the new year.”


It’s a common phrase we hear in a gym setting all the time.


The real response to this is simply, “Why?”


It’s common to find it difficult to commit to something when the time isn’t “perfect,” especially around the holidays.


Family comes into town, kids are off school, and spending money on gifts are just a few things that come up during this time. These can all be big distractions that inhibit results. Leaving for a weekend may turn into taking a whole week off focus before and after, and it’s never easy to keep nutrition on track during that time either, right?




The ones that have seen the real success are still enjoying these times, but are back to their consistent routines as soon as possible.


There will always be holidays and furlough school days, anniversaries and birthday celebrations. There is always something that could come in the way of starting what needs to be started, or doing what needs to be done.


It’s always easier to delay it and wait for the “perfect” time, but unfortunately the easier option is rarely the better one, and there is NEVER a perfect time!




We all have something that is being delayed. Why not get started on it today? Does it really need to wait? Will it be better for you if it does?


If you have found yourself saying that you will wait until the new year, ask yourself why. If you wait til the new year and a weekend away comes up, will you go back, or find a reason not to? What is better for you?


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