3 Tips to Stay on Track While Traveling

Traveling can be a huge hindrance to our health and fitness. It gets us away from our daily habits, limits our accountability, and derails our nutrition. 


But does it really need to?  The answer is NO. 


Traveling can actually be a benefit to your health and fitness, if you allow it to be. 


If you utilize your resources correctly and what you have at your disposal, you can actually stay on track, sometimes better than at home. 


Here are the 3 main tips that we recommend when traveling to stay on track with your health & fitness:


  1. Research before you go – Before you leave, make note of the local ways to be active (hotel gym, park, etc), local eateries, and grocery stores.
  2. Get healthy food – Head to a local market or grocery store upon arrival, and grab healthy snacks for the room (lunch meat, veggies, fruit, etc). People’s biggest problem with eating poorly is lack of convenience. If you already have healthy backup options, you won’t make impulsive decisions. 
  3. Be active – Start your day with 15-45 minutes of activity. It can be as basic as doing some push-ups and squats in your hotel room. It does not require much space or equipment, and it will feel great. 


Traveling does not need to be a hindrance to your health and fitness. With minimal time and focus you can actually use it to stay on track and feel better. 


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