3 Tips to Get to the Gym After Work

Eating healthy, working out, and making good decisions may sound simple when you think about them, but why are they always so much harder to execute? 


It’s no secret that accountability is the bigger battle for most people. Staying on track is not nearly as easy as it should be. It’s not as much about knowing what you need to do, but actually making it happen, and consistently. 


We are all physically, and mentally, tired after a day of work, but the best way to be consistent is to control what you can, and set yourself up for success. 


Here are the 3 best tips to get to the gym after work: 


1. Put it in your calendar 

If you need to make a decision each and every day to go to the gym, it will happen much less than it should. The most important aspect is that you block off time in your consistent, recurring calendar, so you don’t replace it with anything else. You will also want to check yourself into the classes you plan to attend at least a week ahead of time to help commit as well. 


PRO TIP: Have a friend commit to go with you to keep you both on track!


2. Keep your gym gear in the car

Before heading to work, make sure you have your gym gear and a set of workout clothes with you. This way you will already be psychologically committed and planning around it, as well as take away a big excuse for you not to go.


PRO TIP: Keep an emergency set of workout clothes somewhere else in the car, just in case you forget them on the day. 


3. Head straight to the gym 

Do NOT go home, unless you must. This is HUGE. If you head home there is ALWAYS something that will need your attention and cause a distraction, making it near impossible to get back out. If you don’t go home, you will steer clear of any distractions, keeping you on track. 


BONUS: You may get to the gym early and can work on your mobility or other areas that need your attention.


Keep it simple and master these 3 tips and you will be much closer to achieving your goals.

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