2020 CrossFit Open

The Open is here again, already! 


Earlier this year, CrossFit HQ announced multiple changes to the CrossFit Games season. One of the main changes was moving the worldwide Open from March to October. 2019 represents the transition of the competition, thus giving us two Opens in the calendar year. 


Starting on October 10th, the CrossFit Open will be the start of the 2020 Games season. 


What is it? 


Every year CrossFit HQ puts on a worldwide competition for the masses called the CrossFit Open. They post one workout each week for five weeks, most gyms program that for their community to perform, and participants submit their scores to a worldwide leaderboard. The highest performers over the five weeks are invited to participate in the CrossFit Games.


The Open is always such a fun time within our community. Last year we had more than 60 people sign-up to submit their scores and see how they stack up worldwide, and more than 120 people participate in the workouts. Everyone was challenged and got outside their comfort zones, with many accomplishing tasks they never thought possible. It’s always a fun time. 


The greatest part about the CrossFit Open is that EVERYONE can participate and benefit from it!


Sign-up HERE



WODs & Schedule


Every Thursday at 5pm, starting Oct. 10th, CrossFit HQ will announce the Open WOD and have athletes perform the WOD immediately. We will have that WOD programmed as our class WOD all day Friday, along with our special “Friday Night Lights” during the afternoon classes. This will be the best time to attend and participate if possible.


If not able to perform them on Friday, you will have an option to make it up on Sunday at Open Gym (10-11:30am). Due to equipment, class size, and judging we will ask not to perform the Open WODs during class times other than Fridays.




Each of our “Friday Night Lights” we will have 2 or 3 athletes participate in a “Head-to-Head” heat at 5pm, similar to how CrossFit HQ does with their announcements. They will be the only ones performing the Open WOD at that time, and we can all cheer them on through their hard work. Each week we will select different “Head-to-Head” participants and highlight them that week leading up to their throwdown. This is super fun and you won’t want to miss!


If you may be interested in performing in a “Head-to-Head” heat, contact one of the coaches.



Post-Open Potluck


For our final Friday Night Lights of the season (Nov. 8), we will be having a community potluck. Bring a fun dish to share with our awesome community, as we celebrate the end of the Open together. There will be a sign-up sheet at the gym a week prior. 


2020 Open Shirt = BEER PERKS!!!


During the Open, anyone that wears our 2020 Open shirt to Laguna Beach Beer Company on Fridays will get perks on beer! More info will be disclosed soon.


In the meantime, get your 2020 Open Reform shirt in one of the links below:


Men’s 2020 Open Shirt


Women’s 2020 Open Shirt

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