Congratulations Ralph!

1) How long have you been in CF?

I’ve been in Crossfit for 4 years

2) How did you come across CF?

I saw several CF boxes around town and I happened to catch the CF games on ESPN. I wanted to make a drastic change in my life as I was fast approaching 40 so I figured I’d give CF a shot. I researched a couple of boxes before signing up with Mission Crossfit, then ultimately moving over to Crossfit Reform.

3) What are your favorite movements/lifts? What are your least favorite? Any recent PRs you would like to mention?

My favorite movements are muscle ups and squat snatch; both of which I am just starting to feel comfortable doing. My least favorite would have to be thrusters.

4) What is one goal you would like to set for yourself regarding CF?

The one goal I’ve set for myself is to improve my mobility. I believe that my mobility hinders me from improving some of my lifting PR’s.

5) Do you have a favorite girl or hero WOD?

I don’t know if I have a favorite but Diane and Jackie are both great girl WODs.

6) Where are you from?

I am a former navy brat so we moved around allot (Guam, Hawaii, Mississippi, and California) but I would call Long Beach home which is where I spent most of my adolescent and adult life.

7) If you could have any super hero power, what would it be?

If I could have any super hero power, it would have to be the power to project empathy. I believe the world would be a better place if people could feel how others felt. I think any other power I would probably use for evil.

8) What are you looking forward to with this year’s OPEN?

Aside from Friday Night Lights at the box, I’m looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone.

9) If you could host a dinner party with any three people, dead or alive, who would you have attend?

If I could host a dinner party, I would want the following people at my table: Anne Frank so she can teach me courage and optimism in the face of tragedy, Van Gogh because I want to know the real reason he cut off his ear, and Julia Child because I need her to tell me her real beef bourguignon recipe.

10) Share one thing that people in the gym would not know about you.

I am a classically trained chef. I don’t work in the industry but I still cook every chance I get. If you want to see some of my food, feel free to follow me on Instagram: rjfoodiegram. Yes that was a shameless plug 🙂

11) How has CF changed your life?

CF has given me confidence outside of the gym. Not because of my physical appearance, but rather, CF has made me a much happier and energetic person.

12) Would you like to give any shout outs to those in the gym who have encouraged you or inspired you?

I have to give a shout out to the 4 pm regulars. I love working out with that crew because each of them inspire me in their own way. Of course, all the coaches for constantly pushing me.

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