Congratulations Keith W.!

1) How long have you been in CF?

Since August 2015

2) How did you come across CF?

Eric’s brother was tattooing me and told me about it

3) What are your favorite movements/lifts? What are your least favorite? Any recent PRs you would like to mention?

Favorite is squatting, least favorite is anything with running, recent PR is a 435 deadlift

4) What have been your goals for 2016?

Trying to get more consistent pull ups

5) Do you have a favorite girl or hero WOD?

Fight Gone Bad

6) Where are you from?

Mission Viejo

7) If you could have any super hero power, what would it be?


8) If you were granted three wishes, what wishes would you make?

Healthy Life, Prosperous Future and more time with family to know them better

9) If you could host a dinner party with any three people, dead or alive, who would you have attend?

Robin Williams, Gallagher and George Carlin

10) Share one thing that people in the gym would not know about you.

I enjoy Archery

11) How has CF changed your life?

I have more energy throughout my day, which makes my job easier

12) Would you like to give any shout outs to those in the gym who have encouraged you or inspired you?

All the coaching staff, Rico, and Chris

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