Congratulations Jacque!

1) How long have you been in CF?

3-4 years

2) How did you come across CF?

Mike Smith invited me and Jeff, my husband and our best friend Brittney. I tried it and hated it and quit twice, the mental side of it got the best of me. I tried it again and quit. I went to yoga instead but Jeff and Brittney stuck with it, I felt like I was missing out, I had to find a way to change my way of thinking. I’m not a quitter and I didn’t feel good about the reasons why I quit so I walked through the CF doors with a different mindset, it’s still hard but I don’t feel the frustration I felt that made me want to cry.

3) What are your favorite movements/lifts? What are your least favorite? Any recent PRs you would like to mention?

I don’t really have a favorite movement or lift I love them all but I really dislike wall balls, I’ve done a few WOD’s with wall balls that I’ve wanted to cry in. I really like the WOD’s that have gymnastics moves, I loved playing on the monkey bars when I was a kid and now I can play on them again at CF. After taking Cory’s barbell class I PR’d my split jerk I still have a lot of work to do on my snatch, I’m going to have to take another class with Cory to perfect that movement. A few months ago I PR’d my double-unders, it took me years and I never thought I would get them, I would stay after every WOD and practice until I got them. That was a huge morning when I got 5 in a row and Cory was there to witness it.

4) What is one goal you would like to set for yourself regarding CF?

If I could do a movement without over thinking all the steps, I would be very happy. I need to work on making my movements fast and powerful, when I overthink I’m so slow.

5) Do you have a favorite girl or hero WOD?

I can’t think of a favorite girl or hero at this moment, I like the chipper ones that I can go at my own pace and just work on pushing myself to get through it. I’m never the fastest or the strongest but I’m always proud of myself to finish knowing I gave it my best and I didn’t cheat myself with my weight, reps and my time even if I was the last one to finish.

6) Where are you from?

I am from Mission Viejo, I’ve lived in this area my whole life.

7) If you could have any super hero power, what would it be?

I would really like to read people’s minds.

8) If you had the ability to morph into any animal, at any time, which animal would you pick?

I would want to be a hawk, a bird that observes from above, a bird people respect and admire.

9) If you could host a dinner party with any three people, dead or alive, who would you have attend?

George Carlin, Dave Matthews and David Bustillos. I loved listening to George Carlin growing up, he is such a deep thinker who really sees life how it is. Dave Mathews is one of my favorite bands and I love his music and I love to listen to what he has to say after he’s played a song, he has a crazy off the Wall mind that seems so interesting to me. David Bustillos is a successful horseman that I work with daily, he has given me helpful insight to life, people and becoming a better rider and trainer without all the over thinking.

10) Share one thing that people in the gym would not know about you.

I can ride a dirt bike really well where most guys find it really challenging.

11) How has CF changed your life?

CF has made me become comfortable with being uncomfortable, mentally and physically.

12) Would you like to give any shout outs to those in the gym who have encouraged you or inspired you?

My husband Jeff would love for me to give him a shout out, he supports me and encourages me in everything I do and I love him for that but he is the CrossFitter that intimidates me, he makes it look so easy, he learns the movements and can finish with an RX next to his name. I am mostly inspired by the people who walk through the CF doors feeling intimidated and think they can’t do CF but still come and embrace the suck of CrossFit.

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