How do I get started?

You can get started by contacting us via the “Get Started” button on the website, calling our number, or coming in. Depending on your goals and experience, we will help recommend the best course of action to start.

Do you have any contracts or initiation fees?

No. We do not believe in forcing you into a long term contract, and we do not have any initiation fees or contracts. To cancel, just contact us via email at least 2 days prior to your next billing.

I am new to CrossFit, can I just attend a class?  Is there a beginner class?

CrossFit incorporates multiple movements that are new to most people. They are amazing for the body and optimal results, but need to be progressed correctly. Thus, for safety and development, we take everyone new to CrossFit through our On-Ramp Program.

We do not have a beginner class, but our Reboot program incorporates more basic movements and does not require an On-Ramp. You may start a Reboot class at any time.

What is the On-Ramp?

Our On-Ramp Program is designed to progress through the fundamentals of CrossFit: learning quality of movements, mobility techniques, and adjusting the body to our training.  We will discuss your goals, take you through a trial, and recommend a certain amount of On-Ramp sessions based on your current abilities.  On-Ramp sessions are all 1-on-1 and scheduled around your availability.

Do I have to do the On-Ramp?

Anyone without prior CrossFit experience in a CrossFit gym will be required to go through the On-Ramp Program prior to attending CrossFit classes.  You can “test out” of the On-Ramp Program by going through an “Assessment” with one of our trainers, and they can recommend starting with classes or On-Ramp.

Why do you start new members with 1-on-1 sessions?

Our staff have been in the CrossFit industry for a long time, and have found the best way for our clients to get optimal results is to start with 1-on-1 sessions. This way you can get personal attention and individualized recommendations from the start of your CrossFit experience.

Do you offer Personal Training?

Yes, we offer Personal Training aside from our classes. Personal Training is a great way to get individualized instruction and accountability. Contact us for package options.

How long is a class, and how are they structured?

Our classes are 1 hour long, and include warm-up, mobility, skill or strength, workout, and cool down.

Do I need to be in shape to do CrossFit?

You do not need to be in shape to do CrossFit. It is a common misconception that you need to already be “fit” to do CrossFit. This is not true. CrossFit is functional fitness that is necessary for all levels and ages. We will help you progress and develop wherever you are starting from, and teach modifications for all movements.

Is CrossFit just for athletes?

CrossFit is for everyone, not just athletes. We train to be better at all of life’s tasks, whether that be to run an adventure race, move a couch safely, or stay out of a nursing home.

Will CrossFit make me bulky?

You will get stronger through learning correct lifting and movement techniques, and executing them in various ways. You will not become “bulky” as we balance cardio, bodyweight, and weightlifting components in our training.

What is Reboot and how is it different than CrossFit classes?

Our Reboot program is different from our CrossFit classes in that it does not utilize a barbell, or any of our complex weightlifting movements (Clean, Jerk, Snatch, etc.). It utilized HIIT training, along with a great amount of conditioning, bodyweight, and basic weightlifting to challenge the body.

Does my membership have access to Reboot classes?

Yes, our membership has access to all classes.

What are the Junior Varsity and Varsity programs?

Junior Varsity and Varsity are our youth programs. Junior Varsity incorporates children age 8-12 and Varsity age 13-17. Depending on maturity we may have younger children, or different ages in classes as necessary.

What do the kids classes consist of?

Our kids classes consist of warm-up, skill/technique development, workout, and a game to finish. Junior Varsity classes are 45-50 minutes, and Varsity classes are 60 minutes.

Is working out good for children?

Working out is great for children, especially because they are growing. Their bodies are constantly changing, and developing good core strength and stability is important. Agility and balance tasks are beneficial as they strengthen tendons, ligaments, and bones. It is also important for them to learn how to move weight safely, to build good habits and a basic level of strength.

Do you have any Open Gym times?

Yes we have a designated Open Gym on Sundays from 10-11:30am. 3-4 days per week we will program “Optional Additional Work” that can be completed after a class. After completing a class, you are welcome to get some other work in, however the classes will get priority of space and equipment. Simply ask the coach if there is a best way to get the extra work in you desire.

What is your Recovery class?

Our Recovery class is a 1 hour class, focusing on all different aspects of mobility to recover the body. In this class we will use mobility balls, foam rollers, mobility bands, sticks, and different stretches.

Do you have showers?

Yes. We have 2 showers available to all members. Bodywash is provided.

Do you have a room for kids?

Yes. We have a designated area for kids that is off the workout floor. It has an Apple TV, couch, and windows facing the gym floor.

Do you sell apparel and merchandise?

Yes, we have shirts for purchase online at (link), and if you buy 2 or more shipping is FREE. We also sell foam rollers, mobility balls, and other merchandise helpful to your training.

Do you stock snacks and supplements?

Yes, we have a great selection of quality food, drinks, and supplements to aid in your training, recovery, and overall nutrition. We have FitAid, Kill Cliff, coconut water, homemade cold brew coffee, recovery protein drinks and powders, Rx Bars, Fuel for Fire, and nut butters.

If I have an injury, should I still come in and workout?

Depending on the severity of your injury you may benefit from coming to the gym. Our coaches are well experienced in how to recover and treat basic injuries that may occur from training or other circumstances. Make sure to speak with your coach when you arrive about any potential issues you may have, and your coach will help recommend what would be best for the day and moving forward. Definitely speak with your doctor and get their recommendation if you feel you may have an extreme injury.

Can I get injured doing CrossFit?

You can get injured doing anything, but CrossFit does not have a high rate of injury. Functional movements performed at a correct levels and correct intensities are immensely beneficial for the body as a whole, and will improve overall physical skills. As with anything, moving unsafely and beyond your limits are risky, and can lead to injury. Our coaches are well educated on correct modifications, and will recommend the best level for each athlete to stay safe and get results.

How are you different from a 24 Hr Fitness or LA Fitness?

We are very different from a traditional Globo gym. We are a supportive community and focus on each individual member. If you struggle with accountability, CrossFit will be great for you. The hardest part is showing up, and you always feel great after. Our classes average 5-15 people with 1-2 coaches. Every class you will be guided through all necessary warm-ups, skills, strengths, and your workout.

Are all CrossFit gyms the same?

All CrossFit gyms are separately owned and operated. While they may all base themselves off the same methodology, each CrossFit gym is different, and may have different offerings, schedules, amenities, etc.

How are you different from other CrossFit gyms?

At CrossFit Reform, we do everything possible to provide the best experience and quality to our members.  Knowledge and expertise of our coaching staff is a top priority to keep our members moving safely and getting results. We offer many class times, and have great amenities like top of the line equipment, a clean facility, showers, a kid’s room, and an on-site sports chiropractor.

How many times per week should I train?  Should I do anything else as well?

This would mainly depend on your goals, and your current level of fitness. Some people are best with training 2-3x per week, while others are able to come almost everyday. Our programming is designed for our members to be able to train 4-6x per week, with recovery days scheduled in accordingly. Some people see great results with pairing CrossFit training with sport training, yoga, bodybuilding, and running or cycling. Our trainers can help recommend the best amount depending on your goals.

I have seen the CrossFit Games on TV, is that what you train for?

While the CrossFit Games athletes are very impressive, these athletes are competing in the sport of CrossFit, which is a little different than traditional CrossFit training. CrossFit develops functional fitness, or fitness for everyday life tasks. We will do many of the movements that you may see in the CrossFit Games, but to a different, and often less competitive extent.

I’m visiting from out of state, how can I drop in to do a WOD?

We love having drop-ins. Your 1st session with us is free, and drop-ins after that are $25 per class. If you may be staying for an extended period of time ask about our weekly or monthly options and we will be glad to help you.

I’ll be in your area for an extended period of time, do you offer a short-term membership?

Yes we do. Just connect with us via email ( and we can help.

I’ve had some previous injuries, will this prohibit me from doing CrossFit?

You will want to discuss any prior issues with your coach before starting a session. This way we can help provide the best recommendations. If it is something serious, make sure to have your doctor’s approval before starting.

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